Why We Don’t Need More Foreign Students   A response to : Why We Need More International Students Published on February 28, 2017 By Michael Crow President at Arizona State University (This post originally appeared in CS Monitor.) He got his PhD in the Mid-1980s in Public Administration — Science and Technology Policy. He got […]

Charter Schools Any Good?   Testifying at NAACP hearing: Are charters the answer for ed? Published on February 13, 2017 By Julian Vasquez Heilig <<https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/testifying-naacp-hearing-charters-answer-ed-julian-vasquez-heilig>&gt; Professor, Director, Blogger, On-Air and Print Education Contributor Julian Vasquez Heilig stated, “Considering the election of Donald Trump, we may have reached a watershed moment for market-based school choice and […]

Jobs and Education I have written before on this when I used percentages of both supply and demand. But I was assuming that the number of people in the workforce and the number jobs were the same. In other words the supply and demand pies were the same the size. I was fairly sure that […]

Can Success Stories Affect Anything– STEM? My Response to: No hidden figures: success stories can help girls’ STEM careers <> Published on February 10, 2017 By Phumzile Miambo-Ngcuka United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of United Nations Women Phumzile Miambo-Ngcuka stated, “What makes a young girl believe she is less intelligent and capable than a […]

Should STEM Take You Anywhere? A critique of: Why STEM can take you anywhere Published on February 1, 2017 By Judy Marks CEO, Siemens USA <> Judy Marks has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Judy Marks declared, “Here’s a great example of how we can make things better for the next-generation workforce: We call […]

A Critique of Betsy DeVos   Betsy DeVos’s Education Hearing Erupts Into Partisan Debate By Kate Zernike and Yamiche Alcindor JAN. 17, 2017 DeVos Endorses ‘Choice’ in Education << https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/17/us/politics/betsy-devos-education-senate-hearing.html?_r=0>&gt; The authors stated, “Betsy DeVos, in her hearing to be education secretary, said parents should be allowed to choose where their children attend school.” Perhaps, […]

  My Impression of XQ Institute   << https://xqsuperschool.org/whoweare>&gt;   AMERICA NEEDS A NEW WAY OF LEARNING XQ stated, “We are in service of educators and entrepreneurs, parents and pioneers, business leaders and administrators, youth and education experts, in the endeavor to remake America’s high schools for today. We want to create a new model of […]