Abuse of Systems- Education

This is just a short snippet from my newest e-book.

Whenever you use a system in a way that it was not designed for, in my mind, you are abusing the system. Changing a system that basically worked will usually result in a system that does not work. There are always unintended consequences of changing a system, even when you just make it larger – upscale it.

Changing the reason or reasons for education in the first place has had consequences beyond most people’s imagination. It has snowballed into a morass.

If genius can be defined as an ability to simplify the complex then the ability to make more complex the simple must define idiocy. This is what education reform did by trying to micromanage education. It continues to this day.

Change is change for the worse, at least initially. It creates chaos as a necessary by-product . This leads to indecision and uncertainty. The way forward ought to be full of perspicuity and not chaos!

But any change should be proven superior prior to implementation, in order for any change to be warranted and accepted.  In this case it needs to be better than the traditional education up through the 1970s and perhaps 1980s. Of course user inputs ought to be asked for and, if possible, the system that is designed should accommodate them. This is rarely done nowadays,  for technology in general. They make changes and then foist these changes on the rest of us.

Education reform is idiocy, in my mind.


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