Common Core –Bill Gates–My Critique

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)


Bill Gates and his ilk are all for CCSS. Gates has put a few billion dollars of his own money into this endeavor. He seems to think that we are not producing enough graduates with the skills they need to compete in a worldwide market.

He and others are of the opinion that CCSS will ‘close this gap’. This is an infamous refrain from progressives.

People like Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt and others call Common Core, Communist Core.

This is the main problem. Business should stay out of education. We do NOT or SHOULD NOT educate our kids for a job or college. We educate our kids to be informed citizens. Elementary School is for the basics (and most jobs out there). Junior High and High School is progressively more involved to exercise the mind and to determine how good of a scholar the kid is. If the kid is not a scholar he or she goes into the workforce immediately. If the kid is a scholar then he or she should go to college, if there is a major for them and especially if there are jobs in that major. Even in college you learn the basics of a discipline, but a much higher level. It would be impossible to teach state of art technology because the technology changes too fast. There are too many operating systems and programming languages out in the real world to become proficient in all.

Businesses need to train their people on a particular job or allow people the time to learn it on their own, once the basics are taught.

As I have said before this is one of many mistakes the 1983 report “A Nation at Risk” made. This report was wrong on so many fronts. The gap should not be considered. It is there but artificial. Education in and of itself cannot alleviate the problem. Only companies can do that by training for jobs themselves or allowing time for properly educated to learn a specific set of skills. The skills that Gates (or CEOs) have said are applicable to the Board of Directors and that is about it. We should not train our kids for Board of Directors jobs. Most will NOT make it that far.

Bill Gates or others seem to think that three myths exist that are holding Common Core State Standards (CCSS) back from being fully implemented.

According to Gates, K-12 is supposed to prepare kids for college and the workforce.

This is the myth! Kids should NOT BE trained for college or a job, directly. They should not be brainwashed into your way of thinking. They should be trained in American values and history while exercising their minds in Junior High and High School, each stage being a little more difficult. The effort is to see what kind of scholars they are. If they are good then maybe college and if not, to the workforce.

“Today, 80 percent of students say they expect to go to college while only 40 percent of adults have an associate’s degree or higher.”

Gates seems to think that CCSS will ensure that that 80% graduate college.

Really where did he get this from? Going to college is not only not required, as in going to high school, but it should NOT be automatic for all. Eighty percent of the kids should NOT go to college. This is way too many. Actually, an IQ of about 87 or the 20th percentile is just below that at the low end of the normal range of 90 or the 25th percentile. They will not make it. Heck, they will not make it through high school, probably. This goal is unrealistic, as are most goals of reformers. With 54.5 % of all college graduates do not have a job the require a college degree. We have way too many college graduates as it is, a glut.

Yet, schools are pushing college even in Elementary School. A 3rd grader wants to go to college, even though he does not know what it is. For all he knows it is a park or playground. He is asked if he wants to go to college and he says what he thinks the adult wants to hear. Or he just wants to go anywhere. But my point is they are ingrained with college at an early age. It is constantly in their faces. Poster and billboards touting college in middle school. High school is the time you should consider college, and not before.

IQs of 26-50 is an imbecile and 51-70 was a moron. Forrest Gump’s was at 79. So, this is just above that of Forrest Gump. Apparently if your IQ was 79 or lower then you would not be allowed to go to school with ‘normal’ kids. So, in essence you are saying everyone in normal school wants to go to college. This is because you push it on them.

“Common Core also has the benefit of consistency.”

Gates says that we Americans relocate more than 10 times in a lifetime. This hurts kids, so he says. With common standards in all states they would not be hurt, according to Gates.

Move 10 times in a lifetime? Are you kidding? Most people are born and raised in one city. But you are talking about a 13-year period as a child. It is even less likely that they will move 10 times in 13 years. I did move 5 times K-12, in 4 different states, mostly in Elementary school. This was in the 1960s-70s. It did not adversely affect me. My fully grown daughter was born in one city and went to K-12 in another city which is basically one move, but before she started Kindergarten. CCSS is consistently bad, yes.

“Myth 1: Common Core was created without involving parents, teachers or state and local governments.”

Gates says that the governors and school officials constituted the panel that created the standards. The Gates Foundation helped fund this committee. And that more than 10,000 comments, from the general public, were given during the process.

Myth 1 is actually a fact and not a myth!!! According to Dr. Duke Pesta, at <<>&gt;, at about 10-15 minutes in says that 2 small lobbyist groups National Governor’s Association and Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) behind closed doors devised the CCSS. More than that it was essentially 5 people.

Yes and the two teachers associated with coming up with the standards, one in English and the other in Mathematics, would NOT sign-off on CCSS. They did not believe the standards work.

“Myth 2: Common Core State Standards means students will have to take even more high-stakes tests.”

While Common Core won’t necessarily add to the number of annual state tests students take. States will and have introduced new math and language arts tests based on the standards to replace tests they give now. There already are companies making CCSS compliant tests.

“Myth 3: Common Core standards will limit teachers’ creativity and flexibility.”

In fact, the standards will give teachers more choices, according to Gates. Teaching to the test will greatly reduce choices on what gets taught. They will restrict teachers. They will force teachers subject material.

Gates says, Having one standard will greatly increase the efficiency of the software manufacturer. That is, only one version will be necessary. Are we here to support software manufacturer or our kids? Also, CCSS mandates that everyone gets taught using computers and software. Do you see a possible conflict of interest here? I did say only possible. Another supporter of CCSS is Michael Dell of Dell computers. Is there another possible conflict of interests here? Oddly enough in Texas where Dell in headquartered, CCSS were NOT adopted.

So, maybe one myth, not more high-stakes tests, but the tests they do have will have to change. It is an unnecessary change at that.

Also, it should be known that Bill Gates has sunk about $2.5 Billion into Common Core already. He does not want to see it fail.

Watch this video <<>&gt;


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