Early College Concept Takes Hold in Hidalgo — My Critique

Early College Concept Takes Hold in Hidalgo  1/21/11

by Reeve Hamilton
December 24, 2010

<< http://www.texastribune.org/2010/12/24/early-college-concept-takes-hold-in-hidalgo/ >>

WHAT IS THE RUSH? We are living longer and yet you want to rush our kids into college.  Personally I think you are short changing kids by substituting a college course for a high school course. You are actually taking less – getting less.

These are the leaders of our country to be. Take the example of an American History course. Yes, you can take American History at a Community College and substitute it for a high school course in American History, but should you? As the High School history course would teach you some different things about American History. Even with courses in both High School and College you still don’t know all that much about American History in that there are so many possible courses that you can take. Therefore just taking the college course you’re missing out on what High School had to teach. History courses are survey courses. Same thing for Math Science, and any other courses you can think of. You will learn different things in high school but if you do not take it you miss out on that knowledge.

Some kids had 60 Semester Hours by the time they graduated high school? An Associate’s degree? Did they attend any high school classes, in their Junior and Senior years? Even 30 Semester hours is too much. That is 10 classes that this lady did not take in high school. That is a lot of knowledge she was not exposed to. She would enter Michigan State as a Sophomore. The others as Juniors. What are they high school graduates or transfer students, when it comes to college admission? I suspect the latter.  So far, as the other kids go – how many of them are actually going to go to college after high school? What about scholarships? How many of them apply to kids with college credit?

Did the Michigan State recruiter even look at her SATs or anything besides her transcripts?

These kids should not be given high school diplomas because they did not take the high school classes.

Why don’t you start this in pre-k and by the time they are 18, and get a High School Diploma, they can have several PhDs to boot? Or even  PhDs before they graduate high school. This is the next logical step. Heck, do not go to grade school at all. Let’s have 5 year olds in college, instead of Kindergarten.

I know that most people that go to college or school in general just want to get that sheepskin. Personally, I went to learn something.

“. . .  providing students with new opportunities.” So will they have jobs that require this college? What is the new for new possibilities? Most college graduates are NOT in jobs that require a college degree.

““No one else is going to get away with saying, ‘You can’t find educated people in our region,’” she said.” You still don’t have educated people in your region. You’ve shortchanged your kids—cut out some of their education!!

Normally most colleges will not give you credit for a college unless you’ve had the prerequisite courses. They are being given college credit without even a high school diploma?

Trying to cram college down a high schooler’s throat does not mean your kids are smart. I am just wondering how many kids do well in these college courses? And how well do they do? Nobody’s cares about GPA from high school, but they will for college. How many kid’s college GPA is 2.0, because they went to college before graduating high school?

Lastly, “At Jaime Escalante Middle School in Pharr, Maria Valencia, a sixth grader, recently chose St. Edward’s University in Austin as her top college pick. Her next project: preparing to take the PSAT.” Shouldn’t her next step be to make it to the 7th grade? The PSAT/SAT is a long way off. She will do a lot of growing between now and then. I mean this is ridiculous. A 6th grader (when I went to school that was Elementary School) knows already that she wants to go to St. Edward’s University (I graduated from St. Ed’s). She will probably change her mind several times between now and then. Maybe even decide not to go to college at all. When I was in the 6th grade college was not on my mind. I am not sure that I even knew what a college was. They are pushing even younger kids that this to think about college. Why?

Why is there a Practice SAT (PSAT)? To me this is cheating!


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