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The Right to Learn– My Critique

The Right to Learn Identifying Precedents for Sustainable Change [White paper? It is based on the dictionary. But my definition of a white paper is it is supposed to be all encompassing. It is supposed to tell all about a subject including the bad. This is just another sales pitch. Unfortunately, this is what […]

Early College Concept Takes Hold in Hidalgo — My Critique

Early College Concept Takes Hold in Hidalgo  1/21/11 by Reeve Hamilton December 24, 2010 << >> WHAT IS THE RUSH? We are living longer and yet you want to rush our kids into college.  Personally I think you are short changing kids by substituting a college course for a high school course. You are […]

Dropouts Loom Large for Schools– My Critique

Best Colleges Dropouts Loom Large for Schools Community colleges are a bright spot—and focal point—in this economy. But despite high enrollment, they fight to keep students [Since Community Colleges accept nearly everyone, a lot of these students should not be there. They barely got through high school.] By Mike Bowler Posted August 19, 2009 […]

Childhood obesity means fewer recruits–My Critique

Childhood obesity means fewer recruits By Charles “Skip” Bowen and Vincent W. Patton III Published: July 23, 2014 << >> We retired four and 12 years ago, respectively, after a combined 64 years of active-duty service. Since retirement, both of us enjoy the great privilege of working closely with several military service organizations that […]

Business Education The School That Is Changing American Education–My Critique

Business Education The School That Is Changing American Education Rana Foroohar @RanaForoohar << / >> Feb. 13, 2014 Where students are innovators and educators reshape secondary education Two years ago, I visited a school in Brooklyn called P-TECH, the Pathways in Technology early college high school, which seemed very much like the future of […]

Telecom Support for Tech Education — My Critique

Telecom Support for Tech Education USTelecom Media 06.20.2014 << >> In today’s growing digital environment, one of the keys to building a successful workforce depends upon the ability to adapt and utilize technology. [I agree but humans have adapted to live almost everywhere on the planet and have been to the moon. Adaptation is […]