Huffington talking about her new book

This is a transcript of the video. As usual my comments are in Bold Font.

    >>> united states has fallen from first to 12th. president obama said the future of the economy depends on the ability to fix broken schools. [This is an appeal to celebrity. What does Obama know about economics or education? Nothing!!! We still have more college graduates than any other country, sheer numbers.

According to the US is ranked number 4 with over 40% of our population having tertiary degrees. And considering that the population of the US is significantly higher than the other countries, we DO have more college graduates than any other country.] arianna huffington is chief of the huffing post and tackles the education system in third world america. how are politicians abandoning and betraying the american dream . that is say mouthful, but you said it all. tell us about the link between our failing schools and our economy and the it is class most importantly in our economic woes. [There is NO link between our education system and our economic woes.]

    >> it’s a key link. education has been the spring board to the middle class . [Maybe, but not now. Now we and China both have a glut of college graduates. As of 2009 we had 75% of our high school graduates going to college (that is 75% of the 75% that graduated high school, or 56.25% of our young are now going to college. This is way too many. Arrianna Huffington– Don’t you read your own publication. In two articles, this year, you have said that, slightly more than 50% of the recent college graduates and older college graduates are NOT in jobs that require a college degree. They wasted their time going to college, basically. They are underemployed or unemployed. Diane Ravitch’s new book – Reign of Error, it states “Jamie Vollmer had an epiphany. From that day forward, he realized that school could never operate like a business because they could never control their “raw material”.” [301]. At least some this upward mobility has been because of labor unions, particularly the auto industry, with its inflated wages. Also according to Ravitch, “Poverty persists not because schools are bad and teachers don’t care but because society neglects its root causes. Concentrated poverty and racial segregation are social problems, not school problems. Schools don’t cause poverty and racial segregation, nor can schools solve these problems on their own. W.E.B DuBois said during the depths of the Great Depression that “no school, as such, can organize industry, or settle the matter of wage and income, can found homes or furnish parents, can establish justice or make a civilized world.” DuBois was not “making excuses.” He was placing the blame for poverty and inequality where it belongs: on the shoulders of those who control industry and government.”] to learn and get a good job was at the heart of the upward mobility that was the essence of the american dream . that’s no longer the case. right now we have a third of our kids not graduateing for high school . [Christ, in 2010, the most recent year for which we have data, the high school graduation rate was 75.5%. This was a new all time high. It has been between about 70-75% for the last 40 years. Why is it all of sudden a crisis?] we have basically a new generation that even if they are qualified to go to college, they are having a really harder and harder time getting the financials to go to college. that’s the betrayal. [Many of them cannot afford to pay their student loans once they graduate because they cannot get a good paying job.]

Also, according to Ravitch, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast that two-thirds of the jobs available between 2008 and 2018 would not need any post-secondary education. Most would require on-the-job training. . . . But demand for college degrees will continue because many employers will hire only college graduates, even for jobs that don’t require a college education.” [88]. So why send our kids to college en mass? Why will they hire only college graduates for jobs that do not require a college degree?

There are about 4-6 engineers applying for every engineer job out there. This the ‘E’ in STEM. I would suspect that every other letter: S, T, and M is similarly glutted. There is no shortage of STEM people. There is a shortage of STEM jobs.

    >> i want to share with viewers quote from your book. you write if america’s public education system were a product, it would have been recalled. if it were a politician, it would have been impeached. if it were a horse it would have been shot. nothing is faster than the failure to properly educate our children. we were talking to the secretary about the fact that south korea and singapore and finland have 100% of their teachers come from the top third of their college graduates. we have terrible numbers. [Again, it does not take a PhD in math to teach that 1 +1 =2. These countries are pretty much homogeneous, populations. That is, for example Finland is 90% Finnish and about 10% Swedish. Every teacher in US schools is a college graduate. This should be for those with relatively high IQs, smarter than most of the kids they will teach. This should suffice. Also a math genius may NOT make a good teacher of K-12 as he or she may be talking way over the heads of their students.] 20 something% of the primary teachers coming from the top third. enormous turnovers in teachers after five years. they are gone. [Again it is NOT the schools. It is the very rich. The enormous turnover rates is probably due to the fact of ‘high-stakes’ testing which is wrongly weeding them out. I think of I were a teacher and worried about losing my job because of my ‘raw material’ then I would look to get out in a hurry too. Also, as a group, they have lower wages than in the real world.]

    >> the great thing they have right now and this is a beyond left and right issue. you have liberals and conservatives agreeing we need a sense of urgency. [Yes they are living in the past and the rich have pulled the wool over nearly everyone’s eyes.] we have the media and really engage the way you are. [Yes the media is controlled by the rich as well.] we have this amazing movie waiting for super man that captures the sense of urgency and captures the fact that getting a good education with a game of chance. there is nothing in the movie than watching all the children and their parents desperate to go to a good school who are waiting to see which way the ball will go. whether they will be the luckies to get into a decent school. that is something which is very unamerican. it goes right against the american dream . [You know that only about 1% achieve the American Dream. George Carlin once said about the American Dream that you’d have to be asleep in order to believe it. This is just one of many myths this county espouses.] with your new book, thank you very much. as you point out, we saw the movie again last night and every time we see it, the audience is just filled with people crying at the passion of those parents [I have debunked a lot of what Waiting for Superman tried to say. It is a biased look (staged some of it) at one of the worst school districts in the country, if not the worst. Most schools in this country are not that bad. So, to say that the education system, the whole system, is bad based on this school district is wrong. IT IS NOT A REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT. It does not say what happened to those kids that were lucky and those that were unlucky in the lottery. Yes you are letting your emotions control your brain. It is sad but unnecessary.]


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