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The Deeper Purpose of Learning: Satisfaction–My Critique

The Deeper Purpose of Learning: SatisfactionBy Cord Ivanyi In high-functioning schools today, there is a powerful push to rise to the top, to be “the best.” The GPA is the currency, and students work furiously to get as much of it as possible. The more of the 4.0 pie you get, the better you […]

Employers Underwhelmed By Candidates Despite High Unemployment– My Critique

Employers Underwhelmed By Candidates Despite High UnemploymentAugust 14, 2010 Despite this excess of workers to available jobs, a surprising number of employers say they are getting an underwhelming response, and many are having trouble filling open positions. [Christ this has been going on now for decades. In the 1990s IBM (in Austin – I […]

Winning the Global Talent Showdown–My critique

Winning the Global Talent ShowdownHow Businesses and Communities Can Partner to Rebuild the Jobs Pipelineby Edward Gordon ReviewAs many modern educators struggle to prepare their students for the new global marketplace, the technical skills needed to keep the economy productive are beginning to run dry. The result is an impending talent drought that threatens […]

Education Reform

Education ReformBy Eric Schiltz7/11/2013 Education Reformers have the burden of proof. They are the ones that want change. There is no long-term, nor large-scale research that proves that computers are necessary in education. There has never been a single Cost/Benefit Analysis done, let alone several. The US outspends every other country in the world on […]

Teach the Future, Foster Innovation: My critique

Teach the Future, Foster Innovation By Deanna Kuhn The Common Core State Standards, along with the recently released Next Generation Science Standards, [It is things like these that need to go.] have educators mobilized, even if uneasy. Many are hopeful these rigorous new standards will fix whatever is wrong with American education and boost […]