Education is key to America’s Future— My Critique

I wrote a post on the Investorz’ Blog about the problems in America. On that post, I wrote (using humour of course) some of the major fundamentals problems in america, such as healthcare, debt, and education. In this post, I will elaborate more on the education problems in America.
Education is the key to America’s future. Countries have lifted themselves out of poverty through education. Countries like China are kicking our asses at that. So wake up America, and smell the coffee. We need to seriously solve the education problems in America. [Really? China is not that educated as a whole. A small percentage is and they have a college glut – way too many college graduates for the jobs they have and they have a growing economy. They’re an emerging economy but not because of educating their masses but because of cheap labor and lots of it.]

Schools are teaching the wrong things these days. Students are being taught Shakespeare and all those really old 16th century plays. Unfortunately, those things won’t benefit kids at all in this fast changing world. [Education was never meant to prepare you for a job. It was meant to give you a well rounded education to be an informed citizen. So keep Shakespeare.] Instead, teachers should put extreme emphasis upon oratory and writing skills. Everyone needs to have good writing skills, and doing presentations is a great and commonly used way to bring out opinion’s and suggestions. So for English, let’s put aside the tradition of learning Shakespeare and focus on what really matters. [Oratory is NOT needed. Are you speaking now? Maybe our leaders need to but the masses? I have done only one presentation in over 35 years of working and it could have been more easily done as an e-mail Word document. The amount of time wasted on presentations cannot be exaggerated. It is not a very efficient means of communication.]

Kids in China are way ahead of American children in math. Let’s face it, America’s rankings are falling fast in the subject of math. My mom was learning in an American graduate school (and a really good one too), and the shocking thing was, a lot of her peers didn’t even know the simplest Algebraic manipulations! In our world of ever increasing programs and computer usage, math is key. We should really put emphasis on solving this problem. [Again, wrong. You do not need to know the math and science behind a telephone in order to use one. Same can be said for a car, a boat, etc. You do not need to know how something works in order to use it.  A TV and radio are more examples. China is NOT ahead, some of its cities are. They pick and chose who to test and who to educate. We at least try to educate everyone. What is more, we have more of the higher scorers on these tests, well ahead of 2nd place Japan. We do not need to be ahead on average. It is not the average person that will be our leaders in the future. In order to repair and design these things yes, but not everyone could or even should be doing that. What was the subject of the graduate school?]

American children are also growing too lazy. You ask them about the education problems in America, and they’ll tell you that school is too tough, too demanding, too much homework, etc. That just makes me laugh. [You know I do not remember having a whole lot of homework in high school of the 1970s. I can see where they can say too much homework because high schools are trying to mimic colleges with a bunch of homework, but college students spend way less time in class than do high school kids.] What they don’t understand is that a great education gives them the chance to be successful. [A myth!!! College does not guarantee there will be a job out there once they graduate.] Those who are successful in life never shy away or complain where adversity faces them. They welcome it, and tackle the problems.

Another educational problem is that teachers seem to congradulate kids who are doing poorly in school “wow! You got a B? Good for you.” The American educational system should teach kids to strive for perfection, not congradulate them for getting mediocre marks. [This I agree with.] And the really odd thing is, a lot of kids look down and sneer upon those who are doing well in school! [My question to you is how do they know who is doing well or poorly?]

I could ramble on and on about the education problems in America, but that would be wasting your time. I think you get the point.


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